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Performance characteristics
DISQVER platform


Hypothesis-free identification of over 16,000 microbes in a single blood sample


Detects bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses and parasites without the need for culturing 


Enables the identification of atypical pathogens


Highly sensitive pathogen identification despite anti-infective therapies – also as basis for antibiotic stewardship


Less than 24-hour processing time from the arrival of the sample in the laboratory until reporting the results


IVD with CE labelling

Do you treat patients with infections regularly?

What happens when blood culture and PCR test do not provide results? When anti-infective therapy fails or a new antibiotic stewardship approach would be advisable? Then you need more information. But how?

DISQVER provides this knowledge within 24 hours. Noscendo’s digital diagnostics platform identifies more than 16,000 microbes, including 1,500 described pathogens (bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi and parasites). Next-generation sequencing, special algorithms and an extensive clinical reference database make it possible.

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How DISQVER works


Acute and severe infections

DISQVER’s broad coverage of pathogens, while being highly sensitive even under anti-infective therapy, not only gives you a reliable tool to detect pathogens in acute infectious episodes like sepsis, peritonitis and pneumonia but is also suitable as a basis for decision-making for antibiotic stewardship. DISQVER works with single standard blood draw which helps to prevent invasive biopsies in critical patients.

Read more: Whitepaper “Acute and severe infections”


DISQVER’s broad coverage of pathogens gives you the ability to detect even hard-to-cultivate, or not easily accessible pathogens in the setting of endocarditis diagnostics, giving you a non-invasive option in connection with cardiological examinations to tailor your treatment on evidence.


DISQVER’s rapid detection of pathogens in the field of oncological laboratory diagnostics can be used during neutropenic fever and neutropenia in general, but also as a tool to monitor a patient after chemotherapy or other immuno-suppressive actions and for antibiotic stewardship. DISQVER can also be used to identify a potential cause of infection when the patient presents with fever of unknown origin (FUO). The results of the pathogen test can help to avoid confusion with infections from the body’s other immunological responses, for example reactions to therapies.

Read more: Whitepaper “Hematooncology”


Using DISQVER in regular intervals after transplantations can help to monitor the course of the patient and steer antibiotic stewardship towards a beneficial patient experience with regard to appropriate anti-infective regiments administered (i.e. deescalate or even prevent anti-infective therapy to minimise side effects).

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The process is quite simple: book five, ten or more tests from Noscendo. The patient sample is collected from your clinic by Medical Express. In less than 24 hours from receipt at the lab, you will receive an extensive digital report on the findings.


Fast identification of disseminated mucormycosis in hematooncologic patients by next-generation sequencing: a case series.

Invasive mucormycoses are increasingly emerging and a severe health threat with potentially fatal outcome especially for immunocompromised patients. They are challenging to diagnose: the diagnostic workup includes numerous tests, is time-intensive and frequently invasive. Cultivation is difficult and slow and yet frequently remains negative. Fast diagnosis for a timely treatment is urgently needed. We here describe a case series, where untargeted next-generation sequencing (NGS, with Noscendo’s CE-IVD marked DISQVER® pathogen test) provided identification of moulds in three patients with underlying hematologic malignancies from a standard blood draw within 24h after sample arrival.

Pathogen detection by metagenomic next-generation sequencing during neutropenic fever in patients with haematological malignancies

Febrile neutropenia (FN) following chemotherapy is a major cause of morbidity requiring urgent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Blood culture (BC) is a standard diagnostic method for FN but sensitivity of pathogen detection is low. Timely identification of causative pathogens using metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from plasma could reduce morbidity and costs by enabling early-targeted antimicrobial therapy. The aim of this study is to establish mNGS (DISQVER) for the detection of pathogens within 24h in immunocompromised haematological patients with FN

DISQVER pathogen test as a statutory health insurance company service

The Techniker Krankenkasse, the University Medical Center Mainz and Noscendo GmbH have already concluded a supply contract on “precision medicine in infection diagnostics” pursuant to section 140a SGB V (Book V of the German Social Welfare Code). Under the contract, DISQVER will be used by insured patients with corresponding indications in intensive care, oncology, cardiology and transplantations and the participating maximum care hospitals will receive additional remuneration on top of the regular flat rate per case.


The contract is open to other service providers and health insurance companies. Other companies have since joined TK and University Medical Center Mainz in entering into the contract: University Hospital Bonn, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Essen University Hospital, as well as IKK Südwest as statutory health insurance company.

In parallel, the project “DigiSep – optimisation of sepsis therapy on the basis of patient-specific digital precision diagnostics” has been underway since Autumn 2021, with a total of roughly 3.1 million euros in funding for three years from the Innovation Committee of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The G-BA decides which services statutory health insurance patients can use.

Are you a service provider or statutory health insurance company looking for information on the contract pursuant to section 140a “precision medicine in infection diagnostics” or on the DigiSep study?

DISQVER tailored to your needs

We are here to support you in helping patients get the best possible care.

Send-In Model

We give you an option to use DISQVER in a direct and easy way: the send-in model. We take care of logistics, analysis based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and digital result communication so that you can focus on solving your daily challenges.

Enabling Model

We partner with your laboratory to bring DISQVER even closer to the patient. Enabling your laboratory to offer DISQVER reduces turnaround times, and supports you within your familiar information paths.

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