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What is DISQVER®

DISQVER® is a NGS (next-generation sequencing) based pathogen detection platform by Noscendo integrating a CE-IVD software solution for sensitive, reliable and fast pathogen identification and assessment. DISQVER® allows a hypothesis free detection of bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses and parasites from a single standard blood draw without prior cultivation or knowledge about the aetiology of the infection. DISQVER® uses proprietary and continuously refined databases as well as relevance assessment methods allowing us to make a precise differentiation of commensals, contamination and infection.

Key Facts

Cell-free DNA as new and more abundant biomarker allows precise analysis of the microbial load at the time of blood collection
Detects bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses and parasites from a standard blood sample
Reliably detects difficult and non-cultivatable pathogens
Independent of an already started anti-infective therapy
Without prior cultivation or prior knowledge of the possible cause of infection
Reliable statement on the exclusion of an infection

DISQVER® in a nutshell


Blood Sample

Cell-free DNA, as an abundant biomarker, from a standard blood draw is used for pathogen detection



Data is prepared using highly sensitive genomic workflow on newest sequencing technology



Advanced proprietary algorithms and continuously refined clinical grade databased are used to analyse sequencing data



An analytical report containing all relevant pathogens detected in the patient’s sample is generated and provided to you in real time by the „NOS-Portal“

DISQVER® tailored to your needs

We are here to give you the ability to help patients get the best possible care.

Offering DISQVER® tailored to your needs. We give you an option to use DISQVER® in a direct and easy way: the Send-In model. We are taking care of logistics, analysis and result communication so that you can focus on solving your daily challenges.


We partner with your laboratory to bring DISQVER® even closer to the patient: the Enabling model. Enabling your laboratory to offer DISQVER® reduces turn around times, and supports you within your familiar information paths. New, unique ways of pathogen detection embedded in your known environment. Please contact us if you need further information on Noscendo services, or if you are interested to test or implement Noscendo diagnostics in your hospital, so we can set up a service tailored to your needs.


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Enabling your own laboratory

Full cost control of the entire lab process

Optimal utilisation of your sequencing device

Embedded into your laboratory environment

Same reliability independent of the used model

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Business Paper 2019 July

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