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Mission: Saving patient lives

May 20, 2021 | press

Labor Dr. Limbach Heidelberg signs cooperation agreement with Noscendo

Noscendo is committed to supporting physicians, clinics and laboratories in their daily work in the field of pathogen detection and to provide therapy-relevant results that directly benefit patients. With its groundbreaking diagnostic platform DISQVER®, Noscendo helps save patients’ lives through highly accurate pathogen detection. Together with Noscendo, Labor Dr. Limbach in Heidelberg now wants to put the expanded diagnostic service spectrum at the service of doctors and clinics – a forward-looking partnership for the benefit of patients, because thanks to the cooperation with the strong laboratory partner, the new tool gains decisively in speed and reach.

It is nothing less than a revolution in microbial laboratory diagnostics. With DISQVER®, Noscendo provides a diagnostic platform that, for the first time in the history of diagnostics, makes it possible to identify and evaluate disease-causing pathogens in a single test using a simple blood sample from the patient with the highest precision and speed. All this, in an open-ended and hypothesis-free manner, i.e. without limiting the test to a suspected pathogen, as was previously necessary. Starting with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in blood plasma of patients DISQVER can detect more than 1,500 different pathogens – bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses and parasites – a uniquely broad spectrum of pathogens. DISQVER not only identifies those microbes but evaluates the relevance of these pathogens using a proprietary database of more than 16,000 genomes through specialized algorithms within hours.

Precise pathogen detection – targeted defense

With highest precision, the Noscendo method detects pathogens relevant to treatment, determines them reliably and thus enables targeted, individualized treatment. The innovative diagnostic platform thus opens up new opportunities for patient management: DISQVER® can not only help to minimize the widespread use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and contain the spread of multi-resistant hospital pathogens. Through precise and rapid pathogen identification, the method can also prevent severe disease progression and accelerate recovery. And even in the case of life-threatening infections – such as those caused by COVID-19— DISQVER® can dramatically improve the detection rate of superinfection and thus organ failure through detection and targeted assistance in the treatment of possible superinfections. At present, the test is used primarily in intensive care medicine, for example in sepsis, but also in oncology/hematology or in solid organ transplantation – wherever rapid and precise determination of pathogens enables survival. Thanks to the cooperation with the Dr. Limbach laboratory, turn around time of DISQVER can also be significantly accelerated in the future without intermediate logistical steps.

Future of pathogen diagnostics begins

“Patients first” is the credo of Dr. Philip Stevens, Managing Director of Noscendo.

“We are pleased to make DISQVER® available to even more physicians and patients thanks to the cooperation with the Dr. Limbach laboratory Heidelberg, thus advancing the next generation of medical microbiology across the board. The more players in the healthcare system get involved, the better: together, we’re helping those who are helping to save patients’ lives.”

About Noscendo GmbH

Noscendo GmbH develops bioinformatics solutions for the identification and evaluation of pathogens of bloodstream-associated and other infections. The proprietary diagnostic platform has been validated together with leading clinicians in Germany and is offered in the field of bloodstream-associated infections. Noscendo collaborates with leading clinicians, development partners, logistics service providers and innovation-oriented healthcare providers and reimbursers.


DISQVER is a molecular diagnostic pathogen test that uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) and proprietary bioinformatic evaluation algorithms from Noscendo GmbH to reliably detect a total of more than 1,500 bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi and parasites using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in patients’ bloodstreams.


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