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DISQVER is Noscendo’s platform for digital pathogen diagnostics. Detecting 16,000 microbes & 1,500 pathogens from a single patient sample in approx. 24 hours.
Opening up new opportunities for patients, doctors and clinics.

What is DISQVER?

Conventional diagnostic methods based on blood cultures usually require from two days to several weeks to identify a limited set of pathogens. Noscendo’s DISQVER platform identifies more than 16,000 microbes including 1,500 described pathogens (bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi and parasites) within 24 hours.

The cell-free DNA in the patient’s blood is determined using next-generation sequencing (NGS), a new, exceptionally fast method for DNA analysis. DISQVER’s bioinformatics algorithms compare this information against Noscendo clinical grade genome reference database. A report detailing all relevant pathogens detected in the sample is provided within a few hours. This knowledge can be used for blood stream infections and sepsis, in oncological diagnostics or diagnostics for endocarditis, for example.

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Cell-free DNA as new and more abundant biomarker allows precise analysis of the microbial load at the time of blood collection


Detects bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses and parasites from a standard blood sample using next-generation sequencing


Reliably identifies difficult and non-cultivatable pathogens


Independent of an already started anti-infective therapy


Without prior cultivation or prior knowledge of the possible cause of infection


Reliable statement on the exclusion of an infection

How DISQVER works

About noscendo

Noscendo is the leading global provider of software-based pathogen identification technology. We’ve made it our objective to revolutionise infection diagnostics, thus saving patient lives. To do so, we combine the latest molecular biology methods, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), with proprietary bio IT solutions in our analysis platform DISQVER. Scores of well-known university hospitals, major regional hospitals and hospital groups are already using DISQVER. We also work with health insurance providers such as TK and IKK Südwest.


Updated Duke-ISCVID Criteria for Infective Endocarditis now includes metagenomic Next-Generation-Sequencing (mNGS)

The 2023 Duke-International Society for Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases Criteria for Infective Endocarditis now includes metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) as a new, useful diagnostic tool. “The field of cardiovascular infectious diseases is witnessing a game-changing development,” says Philip Stevens, CEO of Noscendo, the world’s leading provider of software-based pathogen identification. “This is an important step towards the acceptance of this type of technology in the diagnosis of challenging infections in critically ill patients.”

World Sepsis Day on 13th September: Study on a new, digital pathogen diagnostic tool is evaluated

At least 85,000 people die every year in Germany from Sepsis, the most severe course of an infectious disease - also known commonly as blood poisoning. World Sepsis Day on September 1 3rd draws attention to this. In the case of Sepsis, it is crucial to identify the respective pathogen early and reliably. However, the detection is often not successful with the methods commonly used today. In a maximum of 30 percent of cases, a pathogen is identified using classic blood culture, in sepsis patients who have already been treated with antibiotics often in less than 10 percent of the cases. For this reason, a German-wide project led by the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at Essen University Hospital is investigating how patients can benefit from a new, digital method for identifying pathogens. At the beginning of August 2023, the recruitment phase of this study was completed, earlier than planned and the evaluation of the results started.

More precise diagnostics, more knowledge

Noscendo’s DISQVER platform compares cell-free DNA determined from the patient sample using next-generation sequencing with a clinical genome database. This makes it possible to identify harmful pathogens that cannot be verified using conventional methods.

Within 24 hours, DISQVER can identify more than:







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